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Love in the East Village

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love the boho meets faded vintage, meets real life in the city vibe of this East Village, NY apartment by FIG Interior Design. I love how the living area transitions to dining and kitchen. I love a stylish open plan. I love the layers of detail, the textures, the little things, the cherished things, the clutter of things. I love that you can see lamp cords and that the sheets aren't steamed wrinkle free for the shoot. I love seeing rooms by day and as the light fades. I love the personality and the panache. I love the drama of dark walls and the play of flames in the fireplace.When I daydream of living in New York this will be the place I do it in.

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MHouse Inc. extras

A fireplace is the perfect place for a gorgeous pottery collection. 

I love this kitchen. The shelving over the windows is a bit odd but if you're lacking space, make it work! And I'm swooning over the legs of that dining table.  

More pottery in a beautiful grouping, this time paired with dishes in a kitchen. 

I need to graffiti something!

All via MHouse Inc. 


60s modern

Carnsworth House, a classic mid century house revived by Jackson Clements Burrows. A 1960's vibe with a modern twist with an interior that is family friendly and stylishly functional. I bet it didn't look good the first time round ;)

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Outdoor fireplace

The autumn days are warm in my part of the world. A chill nips at bare arms only as the sun starts to move low in the west. Perfect weather for an outdoor fireplace. You can linger in the late afternoon air, not wanting to go in, for the day to end, for doors to be closed and night time rituals of dinner and kids' baths to begin. Moore House by Neil Architecture.


Still stalking

It's Easter Monday. I'm stuffed full of chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns. What's a girl to do on a long weekend? Snooze? You lose. I stalk. South Melbourne, a little terrace house with modern extension. I'm always amazed at how much house they can cram in behind those single storey facades. Link here while it lasts. Back to normal programming tomorrow I promise. In the meantime I need another Easter egg and maybe a cup of tea to wash it down.

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