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The Line Hotel

The Line Hotel, Koreatown, Los Angeles. Hip and happening, housed in a mid-century building designed by Daniel Mann Johnson + Mendenhall in 1964. Restored, renovated and re-imagined with interiors by Sean Knibb. Raw, repurposed and rockin'.

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Cabanas no Rio

Perched on the tidal waters of Comporta south of Lisbon, Portugal are two small cabins. Crafted from recycled timber they reference the local fishermen's huts. The first cabin contains a bedroom and bathroom. The second a living space with basic kitchen. Simple and beautiful, romantic and at one with the wetlands. Cabanas no Rio by architect Manuel Aires Mateus. In my dreams I am there already.

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Casa Zinc

Just outside Uruguay's hip resort town of Punta del Este, in the coastal village of La Barra is the small and charming hotel Casa Zinc. Just six guest rooms and a life time of vintage finds. Industrial and salvaged, antique and just plain quirky. Long summer days by the sea just got a lot more interesting with digs like these.

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Cottonwood Farm

Please, please, pretty please can I go to Cottonwood Farm? Right now? Do not pass go, do not collect $200? I'm exhausted. I think it's Monday. I spent one day in bed and the rest of the long previous days at my new venture (more of that to come soon I hope). I think I deserve a fantasy break. In real life fabulous but even in my dreams pretty darn good. 61 private acres below a World Heritage National Park, stylish cottage, peace and quiet. Bliss. Ah! if only ....

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This is a test

I don't really know what to do to make this work, as Squarespace has provided me with zero info over the past 6 days, because they apparently don't know what the problem is either. So I'm hoping if I try creating a post in another browser, magic might happen. And if you can see these photos, by Barcelona design firm Beriestain Interiores, then FANTASTIC!

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