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Industrial work spaces

I blogged about Budapest-based artKRAFT over the summer, and was smitten with their love of vintage industrial furnishings. They sent some photos of industrial work spaces this time and WOW I love the spaces they have created here (being the industrial junkie that I am). This makes me want to go thrifting...or buy everything in their shop.  

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Reader's home - a bit of New York industrial in Paris

Philippe Choplin (of Le Loft Interior Decoration) is a Parisian about to become a resident of New York and pursue his career as an interior designer (after 25+ years in IT). He sent us photos of his remodelled townhouse in Paris, where an industrial New York loft was his inspiration. Fellow readers, if you've got a male significant other in your life who is all about masculine decor where industrial touches are abundant, grab them now and have them take a peek at this. Philippe's home is about as masculine and industrial as you can get (I'd just lose the tablecloth on the dining table). Here's a bit of info on this pretty cool guy's pad, including details of Philippe's amazing vintage finds. 
This project was realized by an architect (Philippe Ponceblanc) and a soon-to-be Interior Designer (Philippe Choplin). Philippe Choplin custom-designed 2 light fixtures using American telegraph pole isolators. Below is an abstract list of the decorative objects serving the decoration:
- a 1920s Cutler Mail System from a hotel in Knoxville, TN equipped with 6 stories of "chute"
- a 1960s Marvy barber pole
- 30+ American car door handles from the 1950s
- never-used 1950s bakelite switches
- a metal & glass office door which was transformed into a sliding door
- NYC subway grab handles from the 60s
- a Duncan-Miller parking meter from the 40s
The kitchen is by Leicht and Siemens.
Le Loft Interior Decoration will bring French style to American homes and US Industrial style to French houses. It will focus on using the latest technology and appliance, but realizing decoration that have the soul of vintage and reclaim. 



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The Hedgehog's nest

This dark and moody apartment is in Rio de Janeiro may well be the nest of that spiny creature deep within the earth but no, instead it is the creation of Brazilian architectural firm Ouriço (Portuguese for hedgehog). Outside it may be bright and sunny and tropical but inside it is calm and cocooning with graphic punches and vintage finds. Love the hero wall of books, the industrial lights and the warmth of the wood. Like a den, a club, a nest.

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Workstead is a Brooklyn-based architecture and interior design firm that rocks my world. The industrial light fixtures they design and include in their spaces (and sell here) are so scrumptious. They suit their simple, organic yet strong and functional interiors perfectly. (Jo featured a couple of their kitchens here and a cool project here).

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Stalking a loft 2

My second loft space is in South Melbourne. In, wait for it, a former biscuit and cake factory. Who wouldn't want to live in a cake factory? A little warmer with a bit more personality than the first loft. I could see myself moving in and just adding a few more of my tchotchkes and a splash of colour. It's a tad brown for me at the moment. There's a cellar too. Perhaps a dungeon man cave for my husband? Link here while it lasts.

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