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Posted on Fri, 12 Apr 2024 by midcenturyjo

Dating back to 1871, Ellsworth rests serenely along a tranquil country road in northwestern Connecticut. Originally a sprawling 1,200-acre dairy farm, its current thirty-three-acre expanse of woodlands and fields preserves the narrative of its evolving past. Having admired the property for years, the renovation by Hendricks Churchill was carefully considered. Today, Heide Hendricks and Rafe Churchill call it home, honouring its history through ongoing enhancements, including maintaining hay fields and repurposing the dairy barn.

Henk says:

Sorry to say but a pile of records and a cheap plastic turntable is just silly. Positioned there for the photo and nothing else screams, look at me, I am so cool because I have vinyls (as they call ’em now). No amp or speakers in sight, it’s a cheap silly gimmick.

The rest is lovely but they tried too hard and it lowers the tone.

Rainy says:

Sometimes I think you all are testing us to see if we’ll leave negative comments. Haha! Good day!

Beth says:

The colors! The patterns! The artwork! I just love this!

Anne says:


Heather says:

I love the meadow outside. But is it just me or is one of the rugs upside down?

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