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Any plans? Anything exciting? Or like me are you squeezing in house cleaning and grocery shopping between family and work commitments? I'm hoping that Kim takes photos of her new house and shares them with us. I'm so excited to see more. To encourage her here are two corners of my home today. Your turn Kim. Have a great weekend everyone!


Bah humbug round 3

I woke up early with the birds. Hit the shops to replace the Christmas food I bought a few days ago and that we have already eaten. Why is holiday food so delicious? And the cherries this year! AMAZING! Instead of starting the cooking and perhaps some last minute christmas decoration wrangling I'm dragging furniture around the house. So this is a round about way to say I haven't a second post prepared for you today. I'm lazy and just popping up some of my Instagram shots. Better go. I have so much to do ... hmmm ... I think I like that cupboard in the dining room ... hmmm ... maybe back in hallway. Honey can you give me a hand?


Bah humbug round 2

Any closer to getting into the Christmas spirit? I'm still floundering. Here is my next attempt at getting my holiday mojo back. Introducing my vintage book Christmas tree stack. Now my decorations amount to candles in brass sticks and old books. You'll be pleased to know that for safety sake they are in different rooms ;)


Bah humbug!

Thought I'd show you the extent of my Christmas decorations for this year. Brass candlesticks, white candles, box of matches. Done! I think I'm over the whole Christmas thing already. I will, however, never be over the whole fire thing ;)


Saturday at Jo's

Yawn! Stretch! Was I asleep? Really? No! (Hope I wasn't snoring.) I swear I just settled in on the couch to read my magazine and drink my tea. The sun was wonderfully warm on my toes. Oh ... my tea is cold. OK I believe you. I must have dropped off. I love this time of year. The air is cool but the sun is warm and my favourite spot is in my breezeway where the late morning sun peeks in. I couldn't resist taking a photo. This room is always changing. Furniture moves in and out but it is always our casual hang out area. Funny how a little pass through space between the old house and the separate kitchen wing is where we sit and chat with friends, drink coffee, listen to music and read magazines. Love my red drum stool. It's new. Got it from Matt Blatt.

As you can see I have a thing for turkish kilim cushions. I have a couple left on Faded Empire if you would like one of your own. They have been very popular. We still have to paint this room. We are half thinking that we would like to strip the paint to get an exposed brick look but I'm worried that we will get half way through and throw in the towel. It will be a big job.

Just a sneak peek at my husband's office. There is always a junk room in every house and this is it so no more shots at the moment. The old Coke sign is screenprinted on metal (signed and dated 1964) and would have hung on the side of a shop. We found it in a demolition yard for basically nothing. Of course husband wanted it as the main "art piece" in his room. Typical! That's it for today I think. The sunlight is moving across the breezeway and I have two more magazines to flick through. I'm going back to the couch. If you like to see how I spent my morning before settling in on the couch you can check out my page.