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My new old living room ... before

By the time you read this I'll be cursing the fact I ever moved as I help lug the last bits and pieces into my house. Here's what my living room looked like with the previous owner's things. I've posted a video walk through with rambling commentary on my page. The before is always daunting! OK back to work for me!


Nickey Kehoe inspiration

Almost moved in. Who am I kidding? I have another day of moving on Saturday. This time all my artwork and the shed ... the dreaded shed! I've been collecting inspiration photos for my new old home for months (years) and I wanted to share some work by Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe of Nickey-Kehoe. I've peeped into their portfolio before (here) but I'm really getting into the "vintage meets modern wrapped up in comfort and easy care" vibe of this Hollywood Hills home. I want a home that looks good but also feels good. One that lets me live my life without worrying about the "precious" furnishings. I want to flop into a chair or snuggle up in a bedroom and feel at home. I think I could here. After the jump I've also included a few shots of a Long Island home they also created. Tell me what you think of the sofa in the powder room ;)

P.S. I still have so much to do here in the new old house and tomorrow is a huge day. Please forgive if I don't post tomorrow. I'll be up to my eyeballs in boxes and sweat. Hopefully I'll have the first few video walk throughs of the house. Very very "before" for sure! You'll find them on my page as soon as I finish uploading them. I'll say bye for now. I can't put off unpacking for any longer.

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Pinch me ... I really am moving

... but they are all mine (and the bank's)
It's the simple things that make me happy. Laughing with my husband, rubbing the dog's belly when he jumps up on the bed at 2 am in the morning and almost pushes me out, finding a perfect little bargain in a thrift store, finishing a painting or messaging madly each morning wi Kim. Simple things like holding a key in my hand. These are my new old house keys and at last I am moving! Excited, grateful and already exhausted! I'll be offline for the next few days but if all goes well I'll be back on Tuesday with lots more inspiring rooms and reading guides full of all the fabulous blogs I haven't had a chance to share yet. I might even have a few pictures of the new old house. Wish me luck!
P.S. The house is called "Collingwood". Is it bad luck to rename it? Australian readers will understand why I might just want to change it ;)

My new, old house

Want to see a sneak peek at my new house? Just go to my page for the first of many posts to come. So much work to do but I am so excited!


Jo's place

Went trawling through the thrift stores today and found this cane .... um .... drum table/storage box/thingy. It's perfect as a side table for my chair (and was ridiculously cheap). Thought I'd show you what this corner of my home looks like today. Knowing me it won't look like this by next weekend after I've been hunting in the thrift stores again :)