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Eclectic and very blue 

I really have no words for this one. Except someone is obsessed with light blue. And decorative moldings. Via jj Locations

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A Tudor on the outside, colourful modern on the inside

What do you get when you take a gorgeous 5,000+ sq ft, 6 bedroom 6 bathroom Tudor-style brick home in Utah and add homeowners who have the wackiest, most colourful taste I have seen in a long time? You get this - one of the most unexpected combinations, ever. For sale via cityhomeCOLLECTIVE.

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Pastel colours in a Swedish apartment

If I ever had any doubts about using pastels in a home, they have all been washed away. I had to share this home in Stockholm because I am going to dream about it allllllll day. And all weekend. So damn pretty!!! Via Bo Bedre, photos: Jonas Interstedt.

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The perfect apartment in Barcelona

Yes, that's right. I am claiming this to be the PERFECT apartment. It is so perfect that I was thinking about listing off all of the elements that make it perfect and realized that the list would be a mile long. So all I will say is I am blown away, and YASSSSSS!!!!! Via Nuevo Estilo. Interior design: Marta Castellano. Architect: Serrat-Tort

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Feeling Obsolete

I could have called this post "Working on a Saturday" or "Living in the shop". I could mention feelings of cupidity, obsession and fascination. You see I have been held in thrall by Obsolete for a number of years now but unfortunately I live across the world and have never stepped inside its doors. This fine art gallery, antique furniture emporium and events venue in Culver City, California is a magical mystery tour of the obscure, the strange, the archaic and the beautiful. If you want to disappear down the rabbit hole this weekend then immerse yourself in their website.

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