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Rooigem House

Like a series of stage sets or a a ramble of rooms filled with one man's dreams and treasure Rooigem House in Sint-Kruis, Belgium is the creation of antiques dealer and designer Jean-Phillipe Demeyer. The medieval manor with moat has been lovingly restored and now is home and business. The riot of colour and pattern and OTT pieces make it a sensory delight. Imagine visiting in real life. Where to look. What to touch.

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I want this house


This is the Toronto home of interior designer and architect Stephane Chamard. I think of all the homes I have lost my mind over that I have featured on the blog, this one is my absolute favourite. To take an older home with incredible architectural details and modernize it with gorgeous funky furniture, black paint and amazing lighting and artwork is my dream. I could without a doubt move into this home and not touch a damn thing. It's so fantastic I could cry right now. Stephane, I envy you with every ounce of my being.  

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This room blows my mind it's so cool. I have a couple of things that bother me but I'm not even going to voice them because this room just deserves a moment of silence, and then a big *SIGH*. Via MilK.

And I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. :-) Jo and I are only taking Christmas Day off (and maybe New Years Eve) so keep coming back - we'll be featuring our favourite spaces from our 2013 posts. Cheers!   



Helloooooo one of cutest bathrooms I've ever seen. I love your flat black ceiling and gold dangling light bulb fixtures and white mosaic tiles and white painted brick and trough sink and library card shelving unit and fish art.

I'm really liking this kitchen too. And it matches the bathroom aboove. :) I don't know where the fridge is and as much as I love the lack of upper cabinets, I don't know how pratical the space is. But it's got lots of counter space and a really cool modern vintage vibe. 

Photos via Christopher Sturman, again. 


Stalking the beauty of decay

Stalking an unassuming facade in Collingwood, Melbourne. Perhaps a shop with accommodation over? Is it one of those über slick modern renovations that leaves the front in an unrestored state then wows you with high end finishes and slick design within? No. It is something more poignant, to me more inspiring. The march of time, the aging of a building, the death of a space. The beauty of decay. A moment in time to marvel at the untouched shell until someone buys it and wows you with high end finishes and slick design within. Link here while it lasts.

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