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Maven loves pale pink

I could not help but notice Catherine and Patricia of Maven seem to have a crush on pale pink so I thought I would do a little round-up of their spaces featuring this colour. A lovely reminder why I love my dining room painted in Farrow & Ball's Calamine so much. :)


Jacky Winter Gardens

As cute as a button inside and out. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia guesthouse renovations and interior design by Hearth Studio. To note: I love how they painted over the trim a couple of inches in some rooms and a couple of feet above it in others. A creative and very simple idea to painting a space without really painting a space. (Photos: Sean Fennessy, and more details here).

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Vardo by Farrow & Ball

Vardo, the teal that Farrow & Ball never had...UNTIL NOW. If I wasn't hung up on pink for my dining room, this would be the colour I would use. I find teal shades can be hard to get right. They are either too blue or too green or too bright. Vardo is the prefect mix of blue, green and grey. I may be obsessed with it. I would love to see it on a front door. So I went looking for some Vardo inspiration and here is what I found.... 


Annie Schlecter


LifeInstyle Blog

Royal Roulotte

Cocoon Home

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Salon Drab by Farrow & Ball

Salon Drab is one of my favourite colours Farrow & Ball has launched this month. It is such a moody, deep, rich brown that I would have used in my bedroom if I had not already painted it Mouse's Back. (I once had a chocolate brown bedroom and LOVED it). I thought I would share some photos that have me dreaming about this perfect shade of dark brown.

Abigail Ahern


Royal Roulotte


Jo's living room

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Farrow & Ball's 9 new colours 

I am a bit late posting this but on February 1 Farrow & Ball, the best paint company in all the world, launched 9 new colours (bringing their very modest total to 141). I received a press kit the other day and I am even more excited about these new incredible colours than I initially was. If that's even possible. 


(Pardon the crap photo - I am only ever home during daylight on weekends)

These new shades are magical, and I am just dying to give some of them a try in my house. Let me do a little introduction. 

Shadow White. A perfect warm, off-white with a bit of grey. 

Drop Cloth. The perfect "dirty muddy white". It reads neither too yellow nor too grey making it the perfect colour for those who are wary of the fashion for grey and avoid tones that are too cream.

Salon Drab. Nothing drab about this dreamy brown! Its richness is extremely appealing and will create rooms that have mid-19th century authenticity despite being perceived as the perfect ‘chocolate’ for the modern home. Perfect for darker north facing rooms to make them feel cocooning and cosy.

Worsted. A gritty grey with lots of brown in it. The perfect medium shade for a room where you just don't know what to do. It goes with everything.

Cromarty. A very pale blue/grey/green. Such a soft subtle shade. Its ease of use means that it can create the softest of rooms which are neither too blue nor too grey. It is the perfect tone for those who like to keep things soft and muted. 

Peignoir. A subtle, grey-ish pink. And coincidentally almost the exact colour my dining room currently is as I realized when I sampled it a few weeks ago. Peignoir will create the most humble, blushing interior as it is the softest of pinks containing a great big dose of grey. Its romantic feel makes it an obvious bedroom choice for a traditional home but it will add a certain charm to any modern living area. 

Yeabridge Green. An unusual green shade that would be amazing in a room filled with plants. A true avocado green. 

Vardo. Finally Farrow & Ball has a teal! But this one is so unique - it appears blue, then green, then grey. I imagine it would look completely different depending on the light.

Inchyra Blue. I will admit that this colour may be my favourite of them all. I have GOT to find a room to use this in! To some it reads grey and to others green, but what is for certain is that it is the perfect alternative to charcoal for use on walls in contemporary homes. In west facing rooms Inchyra Blue will look stronger and less coloured in the morning but become more blue as the day progresses.