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How We Live

Over the past couple of years the lovely and talented photographer Marcia Prentice has been traveling the globe and ended up visiting 24 countries! I'm so jealous. But it wasn't all for fun - she photographed the homes of designers and artists and has put together a compilation in a book titled How We Live, published by teNeues and will be available next month. The book is really unique and much more than a home book. There are 16 different countries and 18 homes represented in the book. The designers (their homes) in the book are a mix of interior, furniture, fashion designers + architects + artists. Each “chapter” shows photos of the city and the home so readers can see how the city affects the interior of the home and how they live. There is a relationship between the environment and the interior. The homes I feature are not just the usual design cities like London or Milan, but also less expected cities such as Mumbai, Beirut and Guadalajara. I love the juxtaposition between design found in Copenhagen and Mexico City, for example. Judging by these photos, this book is going to be a must-have and I am so excited for Marcia. This was a long journey and it is amazing to see the final product come to life. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!


Corynne Pless

Corynne Pless lives in Brooklyn and works at an interior design firm, and is a really talented interior photographer (and stylist, and painter, and graphic designer...). I absolutely adore these bohemian, vintage spaces that she photographed. Casual, eclectic, cozy and oh, those hours upon hours of flea markets and thrift shopping that must have gone on to make these rooms come together! YES!!!

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Nathalie Priem

Thank you Nathalie Priem for letting me feature your wonderful interior photography with our readers (including that beautiful pets on furniture entry). Nathalie has done alot of work for British real estate firm Domus Nova that Jo and I are huge fans of, and it turns out she has photographed the best properties they have had on their roster. These are some of my favourites of her work. 

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Kimberly Genevieve extras 

I had to share a bit more of Kimberly Genevieve's photos. Here are some vignettes she captured so beautifully. 


Kimberly Genevieve

I came across the portfolio of LA based photographer Kimberly Genevieve the other day and was instantly smitten by her work. Then I read her about page and found out she grew up here in Ottawa (so far we share first names and cities we grew up in). After emailing her to confirm she would be cool with a blog feature, I found out she lived one street over from me! CRAZY! Anyway, it seems I was destined to share her work with you all now that she is my new favourite photographer and we are practically soul mates ;)

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