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Friday eye candy

Before the last chaotic pre-Christmas weekend begins, enjoy some beautiful images by photographer Cora Büttenbender.
(See more of her work here)

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Colour campaign

Restful. Peaceful. Enveloping. Blue. From the portfolio of Brit photographer (and talented designer himself) Paul Massey.


Casa Solaris

Michael Grimm sent along some of his photos that came at the perfect time because I am NOT READY for the 30 cm of snow we are supposed to get and he was complaining about Brooklyn weather. So how about a little virtual trip to Vieques, off Puerto Rico... Designed by architect John Hix, hotel Hix Island House now has a guest house called Casa Solaris, which is entirely run on solar power. The house is designed to take advantage of trade winds, and the concrete is an unexpected contrast to the lush island landscape. The addition of yellow keeps it from being too sterile. 

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Colour campaign

Blue. Photo by Simon Bevin for Living etc.


How we live

It is a nice change of scenery to see spaces with PEOPLE in them. And pets of course. Because gawd forbid someone actually LIVE in all these perfectly styled spaces like we so often feature. HOW WE LIVE. A simple yet brilliant concept. Dogs hovering around the dining table hoping food will appear. A kid jumping on a bed or sofa. A woman rifling through a stack of decor mags.... Photos by one of my favourite photographers Melanie Acevedo.

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