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Line Klein

I am experiencing shortness of breath, heart palpitations and excessive drooling over these glorious photos by Copenhagen-based photographer Line Klein. Not only is each space heavenly, Line has captured their beauty in the most perfect way, at the perfect angle, in perfect light. 

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Locanda di Doris

Imagine an old tumble-down stone barn near Todi in Umbria, Italy. Imagine it fully rebuilt, stylishly furnished and waiting for you to come visit. Two suites, "Love" and "Passion", private garden, pool, olive grove, slow tourism. Locanda di Doris is the beautiful B&B created by Doris Sochaczewski and Valentino Fialdini. She’s Brazilian with European soul and he’s half Italian half Brazilian. Both are artists, stylists, food and wine lovers and trend watchers. No wonder the inn is so fabulous. I'm ready to book my flight. Trouble is I don't think I'd want to leave.

Photography by Valentino Fialdini.

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Our Print Collection

I'm been a big fan of Aussie stylist Emma O'Meara. Her work has appeared in Inside Out, Real Living and House & Garden just to name a few. Now she has embarked on a new adventure with photographer Jason Furnari.  They have opened an online print store called Our Print Collection where they offer affordable photographic art for interiors - limited edition pieces, either unframed or framed. I love Jason's photographs and how Emma has styled the shots on the website. Now I just have to choose a favourite!

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Heaven in a barn

Heaven is a barn, photographed by Michael Sinclair. Take a deep breath in, then out, then scroll...

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How We Live

Over the past couple of years the lovely and talented photographer Marcia Prentice has been traveling the globe and ended up visiting 24 countries! I'm so jealous. But it wasn't all for fun - she photographed the homes of designers and artists and has put together a compilation in a book titled How We Live, published by teNeues and will be available next month. The book is really unique and much more than a home book. There are 16 different countries and 18 homes represented in the book. The designers (their homes) in the book are a mix of interior, furniture, fashion designers + architects + artists. Each “chapter” shows photos of the city and the home so readers can see how the city affects the interior of the home and how they live. There is a relationship between the environment and the interior. The homes I feature are not just the usual design cities like London or Milan, but also less expected cities such as Mumbai, Beirut and Guadalajara. I love the juxtaposition between design found in Copenhagen and Mexico City, for example. Judging by these photos, this book is going to be a must-have and I am so excited for Marcia. This was a long journey and it is amazing to see the final product come to life. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!