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Latest from Graham Atkins-Hughes

It's not that he doesn't take great photographs. It's not that the houses he shoots aren't amazing. No what makes me love London based photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes' body of work is his understanding of mood and atmosphere, space and light. How we inhabit spaces and, as the viewer of his photos, how we react to them. Oh and the photos are great too and the houses amazing. Here is his latest shoot, Art House of Hackney.

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More from Hans Mossel

I thought I would share a bit more from the portfolio of Dutch photographer Hans Mossel. And I was schooled the last time I featured his work, so let me add that there is apparently nothing Scandinavian about these spaces. It's all Dutch baby!

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Sam Hartnett


Sam Hartnett

Josh Hartnett is a very talented architectural photographer from New Zealand. His photos are breathtaking - particularly the outdoor spaces. They really have me wanting to move somewhere with a decent climate.

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Miki Duisterhof update

Happy Friday folks! It is going to be a sunshine-filled, HOT weekend here in Ottawa so despite having a bad sore throat, I plan on enjoying it (tomorrow is the Etsy: Made in Canada show, then dinner at Café My House, and my niece's first birthday party Sunday). I leave you with some interior eye candy care of New York photographer Miki Duisterhof (featured eons ago here). 

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