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Marcus Lawett

Hello Marcus Lawett. You don't know me but I feel like I know you. You're my new photographer crush. Well not so new. I've loved your work for a few years now. Your photos blow me away.The unusual angles, the interesting points of view, the depth of field, the light, the way you include a sense of movement. Brilliant!

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Citizens of the World

Dominic Loneragan and Meghan McTavish are CITIZENS OF THE WORLD. People, places, product. They promote, collaborate and support creatives while producing the most drool worthy candles, COTW Artisan Fire, themselves. Kim recently featured a house they shot and since then I've been losing myself on their website, especially their COTW HOMES. Here's a little peak into the places and spaces you will find.

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Eating in, eating out

Inspiration for eating in from a fab photo of somewhere to eat out. I'm stealing ideas for my kitchen redo from the portfolio of photographer Kristofer Johnsson ... again.


Sweet dreams

I'm crawling through the computer monitor and snuggling into both these rooms. Light and dark and dark and light. Photography by Kristofer Johnsson.


Christina Bull

Enjoy some delightful interiors by talented British interior/fashion/lifestyle photographer Christina Bull

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