A Muskoka cottage

Posted on Tue, 27 Mar 2012 by KiM

We received an email about this “cottage” which I think is an odd term for such a HUGE home that is located in probably the most expensive “cottage country” in Canada. The Muskokas are where them rich folk hang out in the summer. And homes like this are not their primary residences! Insanity, I know. The interior of this home is pretty blah, but I was blown away by the views out of each and every window (which are apparently all fancy top-of-the-line windows says the info we were given on the home). Picturesque!




Andersen Sales Representative: Chris Oke
Dealer: Muskoka Window And Door Centre; Jeff Hodges, Randy Hodges, Glen Dalgleish
Architectural Technologist: Draftec Designs Inc.; Mark Jones
Builder: Freeburn King Building Contractors; Dan Freeburn and Greg King

Dylan says:

Very Blah. Although the doors are AMAZING! Oh the dichotomy! LOL

Jones says:

If this is a cottage, my home doesn't even qualify as a hovel. I agree that while the home itself is beautiful, the interior design lacks warmth, style and originality. But you nailed it on the views. Totally awesome!

Loulou Ste-Adele says:

I live in a "REAL" small cottage (about half their boat house…) and believe me, it is much warmer than this McCottage. Such a gorgeous location and planting a cold McHouse like this one is a sacrilege.

Oliver says:

This house is used for the comedy with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds; the Proposal…..

Emily says:

I was born and raised in (Bracebridge) Muskoka and there are some nice multi-million dollar newly-built 'cottages' but there are far nicer, cozier and more charming 'average' cottages that are more distinctively Muskokan than this. The post and beam on Muskoka granite exterior entryway is pretty commonplace in newly built places on the big three lakes (Lake Rosseau, Lake Joeseph and Lake Muskoka), so as beautiful as this is, as you said, the inside is super blah and I could send you photos of real, authentic Muskoka cottages anytime you'd like. Ones with charm and history.
Thanks for sharing though. Can't believe the wasted space and lack of style for such an amazing piece of property and location. Always a joy to read your blog.

la gueuse says:

beurk^^ Money doesn't always mean Good taste !
no wonder about the size of the Ego that this "cottage" can house…

Miagkaia says:

Looks more like an hotel room than a house! Too masculine, too cold, too homogeneous… What a pity, it could be extra-amazing with just a little warmth.

mimi says:

No view can beat the miles of freshly laid asphalt in front of your cottage!!!!

Caroline says:

Uach, I would describe this as an 'obese' cottage, or a cottage with a 'castle complex'. Big is not always beautiful. Also they have not made the most of the lakeview by putting in so many separate windows.

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