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Holiday reading part 3

One last holiday reading guide to help fill the gap until the big boys and girls come back to play. Once again it's a mix of blogs you may know, ones I've been lurking on and new ones (to me). Have fun exploring their archives. We'll be back to WINKS (weekend links) next week and do I have some great links saved for you!


Holiday reading part 2

Hope you saved room for seconds. Here's part 2 of our holiday reading guide. More fab blogs from around the world. Now it's your turn. Leave the links you want to share in the comments section and maybe we'll all make it through the silly season.


Holiday reading part 1

If you're like me the thought of your favourite blogs shutting up shop for the holidays is causing your palms to sweat and your heart rate to rise. Without you're daily fix what are you to do? I have the same addiction. Last Christmas when I was new to the blogosphere I went into withdrawal when the few bloggers I was reading then went on well deserved holidays. So with that in mind I've put together a holiday reading list. Some of these blogs are brand new. Others have been around for much longer. Some you will know, others you won't. There are interior design blogs, graphic design, home renovation and some much more. They come from all over the world and not all are in english. I'm a long time lurker on a few and others I've only found in the past few days. By no means exhaustive this list hopefully will help you fill those "empty" days. Part 2 is still to come.

P.S. Medical authorities warn that gorging on new blogs may be a health hazard. Take your time. There's lots in their archives and there are even more new blogs on their blog rolls. Click on the banners to go directly to the blog.

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