Is it storage?…or art?

Posted on Sun, 31 Aug 2008 by KiM

Furniture that acts as storage for all your junk belongings can sometimes be boring. I came across a line of eco-friendly furniture at 2Modern by Iannone Design that had me just smitten. It’s furniture with a kick. They have such beautiful detail they would act as pieces of art. The design on the coffee table in the fourth photo? That’s about 1600 hand inlaid wood dots!!!! WOW. You’d never see any of this end up on Craigslist. Me likey. Alot.

RiverMist says:

oh! yes I love those that furniture! i cam across them when writing about organic design in my blog
I love yours by the way.

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Annabelle says:

These are some pretty pieces. I also found that on there was a ton of really attractive eco-aware furniture. They have this “green gallery” where all of the products are environmentally-friendly. They even tell you how much is recycled and recyclable.

Polinesia says:

OH these things are definitely a collision of both!!! art and design. The prices scared me, but I will research now to find out the way to spice up my own plain white closet with ornaments like that =)
if anyone knows – let me know haha

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