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A marriage of eras

When a classic Art Nouveau era house with beautiful windows and amazing old tile floors meets ultra contemporary furniture and fittings a little magic happens. What could have been a mish mash of conflicting styles instead is super stylish and super cool. Lesseps House by Barcelona-based Meritxell Ribé and The Room Studio.


Window drama

A good window frames the room every time. Love the drama of these spaces by Contour Interior Design.


Déjà vu

I knew it was familiar. I knew I'd seen it before. Not the living area. No, turn around. It's the kitchen. And that table. And those windows, those glorious windows. We all love clicking through the listings on our favourite location sites. It's a bit like real estate stalking. I'd never seen a house before that I recognised though until I saw this place. They filmed Jamie's 30-Minute Meals here. I must confess that my attention was only half given over to Jamie Oliver's cooking whenever I watched the program. I was scoping out the kitchen and trying to imagine what was outside those wonderful windows. Now I know. Faith House via Airspace Locations.

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Window seat

It's the little things. It could have been a simple window. Let in the light, some fresh air. By boxing out the opening with a wider, built-in bench and a sliding window all you need to do is just throw in some pillows and it's an inviting nook. Waverley House by Sydney-based architectural firm Angus Mackenzie.




It's been a little while since I featured the fabulous West Chelsea apartment by Andre Mellone of Studio Mellone. He's been busy. Don't you just love this living room in the West Chelsea penthouse he designed? That wall of books. Those windows. The height. Love!