A loft in a 19th century converted warehouse

Posted on Thu, 17 Dec 2015 by KiM

I know I have often said “this is my dream loft!” but in all seriousness, THIS IS MY DREAM LOFT! The exposed brick and beams, and HOLY SMOKES WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT MEZZANINE! With direct access to the roof-top terrace and features an interior courtyard with a retractable glass roof. I die. By Andrew Franz Architect.

Living in this loft would have an amazing effect on your mood and emotions, it's a true oasis in an urban environment. I love it!

Lacey says:

This is seriously our dream home!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avianti says:

I love that bathroom sink! Where can i find that!

Great loft!

friend says:

yo this place is haunted. i can feel it.

ijaz says:

Nice home to live.

Katy Beacher says:

I just stumbled in here. Where is this magnificent home located?

Vanesa says:

very nice!!!

hadait says:

Nice place to live till die

Kerry says:

Well done! thank you for sharing, loved it! I’m going to share! Especially with the young people in my life.

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