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I have pretty much died and gone to heaven. This home is a combination of all the things I adore - dark colours, vintage everything, collections. A genuine cabinet of curiosities, a wunderkammer, a visual delight. This is what a home should be. Filled with found items, something intriguing at every turn, eclecticism to the max. This is the Amsterdam home of Florian Seyd and Ueli Signer of famed flower/design shop aptly named The Wunderkammer. Via Architectural Digest Spain, photos by Marc Van Praag. 

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A laboratory of wunderkammer

I featured a couple of projects by London-based interior designer Hubert Zandberg recently....but I have not yet shared his home with you. It is like a museum, a laboratory of wunderkammer. I hope he has a housekeeper because I cannot fathom having to dust all of the things. I could spend hours in his home inspecting each and every artifact. And then I would stuff a few things in my purse because he surely would not notice. ;)

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The Imaginarium 

I remember the first time I entered stylist Sibella Court's bijou shop of wonders The Society inc. in Paddington, Sydney. I was overwhelmed by her wonderful wares. I wanted to hide under a table and only crawl out again at closing time and pretend the Paddington terrace house was all mine to explore. Now my fantasies can come true. Sibella has opened a new warehouse in St Peters and the terrace house is available to rent on airbnb.  "An imaginarium ... a quiet oasis offering the curious traveller a treasure trove of curiosities, artisan objects & furniture, a vast reference library ..." See. Dreams do come true.

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A collector's paradise

I saw this home belonging to Greek collector Alketas Pazis on Yatzer and HAD to share. If I was fortunate enough to set foot in this home you'd very likely have to pick me up off the floor because I would have passed out from SHEER JOY AND BLISS. And then a couple of hours later after I had examined every single inch of this space you'd have to drag me out kicking and screaming. FAB U LOUS. 


Saturday shop ... The Society Inc

I only managed to fit in a few shops when I was in Sydney just over a week ago. Don't ask ... after all your marvelous suggestions I threw my back out and could barely walk. One shop I HAD to visit was Sibella Court's The Society Inc. Amazing! This wunderkammer of a shop is a must see on your Sydney travels. Two tiny rooms in a bijou Paddington terrace. Two tiny rooms packed to the rafters with the unusual, the quirky, the weird and the beautiful. Like a bowerbird's nest. Like an old hardware store. Like a step back in time. Like a dream. Only Sibella could pull it all together and make it work. On a wet, miserable day I was giddy with excitement.  (Apologies again for my point and click pics. One day I'll buy a decent camera. Have promised myself a fabulous rug first :P)



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