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Vanessa De Vargas the uber stylish Turquoise has tagged us. She would like to know “5 things you may not already know about me”. It’s like Chinese whispers. It started out with weird things but I like this version better. OK….here we go.

1. My husband buys me the most beautiful artwork. So? He’s totally blind.
2. I don’t drive.
3. I sing Nina Simone in the shower badly.
4. You know I’m addicted to retro but I’m being seduced to the dark side – Hollywood Regency.
5. I was addicted to newspapers until I discovered the web. Alright I’m still addicted to newspapers.

Kim it’s your turn now. And…….I’ll let you choose, if anyone, we’re going to tag. Everyone I know has been “it” already.

Ok – Kim here. Looks like it’s my turn.

1. I have an identical twin sister. Her name is Julia (belladina on Flickr).
2. I don’t think I look like your average design freak – I have 4 tattoos, 8 earrings, a belly ring and a nose ring. (See tattoo pics on Flickr)
3. I can drive, and have a car, but I can’t drive my car – it’s a standard and I never learned how. Boyfriend has to drive me everywhere – but I figure too bad, since he wrote off our automatic coming home from PEI in a snowstorm one Christmas.
4. I love fast cars and motorcycles – mostly because my boyfriend is obsessed with both. I want him to get a chopper so I can ride around on it with him.
5. Yes, I love cats but I absolutely adore animals, and have since I was little. I want a farm so I can stock pile animals. I wanted to be a vet throughout my childhood until a vet came to the school and told us you needed a 95% average in high school to be accepted to vet college. I was devastated.

And I’m tagging *Terramia* since I don’t think she’s been tagged yet.

Kim I can’t believe it. I knew about the tattoos but all those piercings.I don’t even have my ears pierced. HAHAHA.

kim. says:

Come on Jo, join the other dark side! (I don’t advise the nose though if pain is an issue – OHMIGOD hurt like hell, and bled alot). You not driving surprised me – especially since your husband obviously can’t.

Taxi vouchers are a girl’s best friend 😉

You got me! I have already listed my “weirdnesses”… but I like this “soft” version better (heck, what is normal anyways?!)

I am totally with ya on the animal obsession. I adore them… with all my heart! I can sob up a storm when I hear of a sad story about any animal (like beloved Brigadier being put down… at least he wasn’t sent to a slaughterhouse!)All those Disney “pull-at-your-heart-string” films about animals still get me every time, especially Dumbo!
I blame having an animal compassion chip as compensation for not having a proper functionning sniffer… I just can’t help it! And I, too, wanted to be a vet, but I ain’t got a science chip in me whole body! Dang!

Here are some more things about me you may not already know…


Peace and love… xoxo

Oops, I mean Barbaro.. Brigadier was a Toronto police horse that was fatally injured in a run down last March. Yet another tear-jerker… sniff, sniff.

kim. says:

Aw, Terramia, so glad to know I’m not the only freak obsessed with animals. I cry very easily when I watch animal shows. I even signed up with PETA to foster animals from hurricane Katrina. About 3 years ago the winter got pretty damn cold and one night I had about 9 cats in my 2 bdrm apartment – all the strays came by looking for a warm place to sleep, cause they knew I was a sucker. Now I’ll go check out your other “wierdnesses”. 😉

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