Posted on Thu, 15 Feb 2007 by KiM

Many people collect books and often use standard Billy bookcases to store them. While it may be economical, it is not a very unique way to display them. I can admit that because guess where my books are housed? Here are some interesting ways to display them that don’t necessarily involve our good friend Billy.

Mari says:

Oh, I like!

notemily says:

oh, I want them ALL!

Love the staircase and bookshelves idea. Love books.

lottie says:

A fantastic collection of images. I’ve been coveting some like the Cotemaison shelves for a long time. One day, one day!

kim. says:

Glad this post was well received. Just about everyone has a book and/or magazine collection of some sort and I think people should consider creative ways to store them. It becomes “art”. So if the Billy’s aren’t doing it for ya, GET RID OF THEM. And come up with something original. And then send me pics!

Ljo says:

I love the first William Waldron photo and both Cotemaison … but the second William Waldron — I couldn’t bear to block access to my books like that! Great collection of unique book storage ideas, thanks!

Nicole says:

Oooohhh! I wish we had the budget to build custom shelves. But until then, Billy will have to do. 😉

kim. says:

Nicole, your fab dark brown walls are too stunning to even notice Billy. 🙂 Actually your billy’s look great, especially since you have them on 2 walls with corner piece. And who can afford built-ins?!?!

Kim did you realise that that diagonal bookcase is actually one of Mark Cutler's. Here's his post on it.

Thanks Kim and Jo, for giving me credit on that shot. There are normally a bunch more books on those shelves but Metropolitan Home requested that they be pretty bare, for a more Auster look. Oh well!

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