Pappas Miron

Posted on Fri, 16 Feb 2007 by midcenturyjo

Pappas Miron Design mixes antiques, vintage textiles, flea market finds and modern pieces to produce a relaxed and liveable modern interior. Tatyana and Alexandra aren’t married to one style and feel free to improvise, finding the potential in second hand pieces. See more on their website.

All images from Pappas Miron.

kim. says:

They are brilliant – I adore each of these photos. That chaise thing (what’s the proper term?) in the first photo makes me want to move my bf into the basement and turn his office into a library with that to lounge on and read. The art in the 3rd pic was going to be in a wacky art post but Jo beat me to it! Fab orange chairs in the last pic! I adore vintage finds – such character and uniqueness!

Anna says:

Thank you for the introduction Jo. I will have a look at their site on the weekend. I love mixing vintage/old with new so I am looking forward to seeing their work.

danielle says:

I like the eclectic mix of furniture, accessories and art. It is gorgeous!

jessie says:

I have to agree with what everyone else basically already has said,…the mixture of styles look really good. I am full blown modern when I decorate,..but it does look good! I love the crown mouldings and trims on the walls.

kim. says:

Jessie, you should think about trying to mix in a bit of vintage with your modern decor – especially if you’ll be living in a 100 yr old house! It would lend itself well to the features of the house. I know you’re a lover of modern but consider it. Use pics like these as inspiration. My $.02 anyhoo.

Anonymous says:

i love their use of colors … they are so subtle but interesting

Loving that photo in the upper left!!!

I love their use of unusual art (my fav is the chartreuse coloured sreenprint of the woman in her underwear). The mix of vintage and traditional here is so well done here that nothing jars. Kim I’d call that piece in the first photo a daybed:) PS that painting of the girl with her legs spread was too good for a wacky art post!

jessie says:

I might “mix” it up a bit. I just want to go find some 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s stuff!! All these rooms look great,..and would look great in the house I want to buy!

Phoebe says:

i went to high school with alexandra pappas, and her bro. 🙂 small world! AP used to have waist-length, thick, irrepressibly wavy/curly hair, and now she straightens it, which makes me sad. but they are very good, though, aren’t they? & i love the attn that they’ve been bringing to boston! xx p

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