Saarinen Tulip Table

Posted on Tue, 27 Feb 2007 by midcenturyjo

In the 1940’s Eero Saarinen developed this pedestal table, along with the Tulip chair, as part of his research of “organic furniture.” The Tulip Table started out with a cast iron base. It came with various tops in laminate, marble or wood, could be round or oval, and was available in various sizes. Today, the base is made of cast aluminum same as the chairs. A fabulous table that looks good with any chair, modern or traditional. A beautiful sculpture, a piece of art.

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Elle Decoration

Elle Decor Domino
Australian Vogue Living Elle Decoration
Living etc dwr

PS I have a sneaking suspicion that one of these tables is the infamous Ikea Docksta. Can you pick which one?

kim. says:

These tables are so gosh-darned pretty!!! I adore them – wish I had someplace to put one. Also wish Ikea Ottawa sold the Docksta!!!! (which I am guessing is in the 6th photo)

Anonymous says:

We have the Docksta, which I love…unfortunately, it is showing some wear and tear on the base, and tiny pieces of veneer on the top are chipping off. But the price was right! I also guess the Elle Decoration picture contains the imposter.

One way to protect the top is to have a piece of glass cut to size. Not cheap but a lot cheaper than a tulip table. And you can place all sorts of things under the glass.

Anonymous says:

elle decoration is the imposter!

Elle Decor all the way!!! Totally!

Truly a piece of art…

drey says:

mmmmmmm i love the tulip base table!

Anonymous says:

I actually have one of these vintage tables, but my base diameter is much larger than these shown. Probably closer to 12 – 18″ around. In the pictures, they look closer to 6″ stems.
I love my table, but I’m just not sure where to look to discover its value. Nothing on ebay even compares to it.

Pam says:

I am in love with this style table, but cannot afford an original. (yet!) I’ve been looking into the Docksta because of the price, but recently came across this:

I wonder if the quality is better than the Docksta…

I’m also researching what chairs I would like to use with the table….so fun!

Tim says:

Good Job! 🙂

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