Posted on Tue, 13 Mar 2007 by KiM

So it’s 7 pm and I’m starving. Too busy chatting with Jo on MSN to get up and make dinner. So I thought I’d post a photo of a really nice kitchen…that happens to be Sarah Jessica Parker/Matthew Broderick’s from Elle Decor. (And how cute is that Enzo Mari La Mela print?!?!)

jessie says:

I like it. The print looks really good also. I actually am thinking about doing our kitchen white and red, with accents of yellow. Just gotta get the house first. lol

kim. says:

LOL – yes, getting the house would help. Red/white/yellow sounds great! I was just talking to my dad about redoing my kitchen – he bummed me out. Made it sound like such an undertaking. 🙁 I kept saying “I’ll just go to Ikea”.

LOVE this kitchen. HATE taupe/green/subtle kitchens (a la Martha Stewart’s new kitchen – it looks like a prison!)

kim. says:

I’ll have to check hers out for a chuckle. Can’t see her doing anything as bold as red. She’s like the queen of pastel.

jaime says:

HAHAHA The apple picture!!!

kim. says:

I posted that just for you Jaime 😉

susan says:

Love the kitchen. Its the artwork and the pink island that make it. OK, plus the white and the checkerboard floor! It’s cool all around. Love the butcherblock countertops too. Nice find!

jessie says:

Kim – you should paint your cabinets! If I were you, I couldn’t live with the oak!!! I would go crazy.

kim. says:

I would paint them but I don’t have the patience for that and I hate the shape of them anyway – would be a ton of work and my mom-in-law just did hers…says it took 3 weeks and the paint isn’t staying on very well and she regrets it.

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