Posted on Tue, 3 Apr 2007 by midcenturyjo


Escape from the hassles of the outside world. Retreat, cocoon. Are you a glitzy glam type, zen and serene or you own personal style? The bedroom is my favourite room of all.

kim. says:

All of these photos are so gorgeous!!! I particularly taken with the bed covers in the 2nd Elle Decor pic and the Home pic.

Anna says:

I love a beautiful bedroom too – I think of it as my special place. I love a serene bedroom which really relaxes me and makes me feel warm and safe but it has to be really beautifully composed with beautiful sheets – I love beautiful sheets and they must be ironed. I think my dream bedroom was the one I posted on ABT the other day!! Great images you have selected. What’s your dream bedroom Jo??

I, too, was taken by the bed covers in that second photo and wonder if anyone knows the origin of the design.

eric says:

i really like that mirrored headboard. i saved it ages ago in my style tray, and i’ve been thinking of DIYing one. scoring glass sucks, though.

Jaime says:

I want to live in the Cote Maison room.


I would looove to have a Robert Couturier bedroom. Clean, sleek and classy, yet peaceful.

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