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Posted on Sat, 21 Apr 2007 by midcenturyjo

Look what I found playing on Stumble Upon. Furnid is a Danish design company that produces this amazing table. LOVE IT! Can’t read a word on the site but LOVE IT!

You guys are hilarious – I was expecting to see 6 comments on this great table and instead I see we’re talking about Crocs? Well, I’m sorry to hear some of us are having a not so great day … jlee – I was feeling a little of a dip today on the happy meter … as long as you’re careful to not indulge and drown yourself – I find a bottle of crisp white wine helps with some good tunes to get my happy meter up! now about those Crocs? seriously, are those things in style, I know I’m a bit out of the loop with fashion unlike modern interior design, my fashion sense might be a bit rusty … pulease tell me plastic shoes aren’t in style again? … does this mean I have to take out the jelly shoes out too? … goodness, and who sorry, I guess I’ll have to to some reading up on the origin or Crocs … but the name? too funny.

okay – now about the table … I love the white, I love this idea, reminds me of how dining at a Chinese restaurant … have you ever seen the South Asians eat in a feasting bowl … it’s quite the experience and is similar in concept. Great post! … hmm, I’ll keep in mind for when I go to New York next to try and see if there are any new integrated furniture concepts to bring into light … thanks guys, I really needed the smiles today =)cheers (oh oh, only half a glass left) off topic, any Australian white wines you recommend Jo?

kim. says:

Now forget about crocs, I have a wine story. I was drinking this really sh*tty white wine one night and read the name on the label so I would remember not to buy it again and it was called Green Emu or something Emu, anyway, talked to Jo later on and I said I was drinking some sh*tty wine and I made a joke about how it must be Australian. Went to check the label again…sure enough it was Australian. So Gaile, don’t buy the Emu wine (I guess aussie emu’s don’t make good wine);)

LOL – okay, cheers to your great wine story Kim – thanks for that … I started laughing out loud, kind of funny to laughing at my computer so hard while in the dark, almost midnight here as I do my last read for the night … a little sad I ran out of wine. Gosh it’s no wonder some people turn into alcoholics … I’ll make sure to steer away from the emu wines. crocs to emus – this is quite the amusing post! G’nite guys, thanks for the great posts today.

Just to tie all this together (wine and crocs) I bring you this stunner which I think we should send to Jo.

kim. says:

LOL LOL LOL – I think I just peed my pants a little bit!!!!

You should come work for us pink. You find all the best links!! Wonder if that thing comes in cardboard cask size to go with my classy crocs!

this is hilarious! … comments are just as fun as posting … hmm, it would be great if skype could have a conference call option / myspace page type of widget. I’ve just been listening to more podcasts and find these streams of comments a great laugh. – funny how I feel like that croc – lol, so glad to have found you guys … I really enjoy this whole b blogging thing. If you get a chance to listen to decor8 podcast it pretty much encompassed a lot of reasons for why I love this so much. She also proposed a neat idea of the blog community posting all on one topic for the day … see what we come up with – we’ll see if it happens … cheers and gooood mornin’

kim. says:

Hope you’re not hungover today Gaile! I do like the idea of all posting one topic for a day. Now I must get back outside – my tan isn’t quite there yet. 🙂

Blakey W says:

Nice comments from all. I was really surprised to see people writing about this table because I know the company really well. One of my good friends started it so if anyone is serious about the table, the guy in the picture’s name is Morten. On their website you can now find most everything in English too. If you want more info about it or their company (they’ve got the coolest daybed that just won some awards at an exhibition for example) contact me and I’ll get you all info from them and get the 2 guys and 1 girl to help you out.


Thank you for all your compliments. It all makes us want to go to work every morning!
Just wanted to let you know that our website is both in danish and english now!
All of us from FurnID wish you a splendid day.

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