Stairs and storage

Posted on Wed, 25 Apr 2007 by midcenturyjo

Image from from Vogue Living Australia.
What a great idea! If you’re having some stairs constructed why not consider this. Handy and hidden, a great storage idea for linen, winter woollies, books and papers, anything small in fact.

P.S. These amazing stairs have travelled all over the blogosphere in a few short weeks. This is a scanned image from the Vogue Living Australia Before+After Autumn/Winter 2007 issue. The true originator of this staircase, the joinery company is named in the comments. If you’re in Australia and want one of these then google their name and their address and phone number are yours.

instead of a drawer, maybe the use of layered slide door (Something like a door built with numbers of vertical sticks) which slided into the side will help reduce the hazardous issue

Bill says:

What hazard issue? They use self-closing sliders. If you turn lose, they pull back in.


Anonymous says:

We have them on the bottom 2 steps going from our garage into the house. Great for putting our shoes into instead of always leaving them on the landing going into the house. You just learn to close the drawer the same as you learn to close doors.

Steve says:

No way this would pass local building code.

Phil says:

This will be perfect in my place. I have stairs, but they are unused now because the house was split into two apartments. Yeah!

midcenturyjo says:

i fucking love it!!!!

BadGal894 says:

Woah I think its a fantabulous idea!!

Believe it or not, inside these 'manhatten box skyline' stairs, are storage units and a complete electrical control unit.

You can build virtually anything underneath a stair, and it's probably most interesting if it is only partially enclosed….

Yann says:

I am getting my newly bought house a renovation soon. Emm, this will be a good idea to add storage space for the shoes. Especially the shoes to pass down from one sibling to another.

Liselotte says:

In Sweden, we don´t wear shoes indoors. And I´m sure safety has been thought of. Excellent idea!

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