I LOVE this house ….. yet another one

Posted on Mon, 30 Apr 2007 by midcenturyjo

Love it, love it. An eclectic boho mix of traditional, tattered, mid century and modern. Just enough quirkiness and a touch of the artist’s eye. This is just one of the properties offered for location shoots by the Beach Studios. Can’t fault it….maybe just a little bit more mid century modern.

Images from the Beach Studios

kim. says:

What a dreamy place! OMG I just adore white painted floorboards. And that all-white kitchen!!!!

Anna says:

IT’S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS; I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! GREAT POST JO!! I particularly love the kitchen and bathroom!

Porcelain says:

I love the books in the fireplace!!!

Julie says:

Yes I agree with you it needs a little bit more of mid century modern touches although it’s absolutely beautiful, especially that kitchen so clean and peaceful. Now those images from the post below doesn’t need anything else… perfect as it is.

P.S I think Judy should make one of those patterns she has designed into wallpaper. Very beautiful and different.

This is totally stunning!!!!
Love it!!!

I adore that shade of robin’s egg blue in the top photos. It’s surprisingly hard to come by, as I found out when I tried to reproduce it in my baby’s room. I gave up after two tries and defaulted to boring (but nice) sunny yellow. Sigh.

I love the books in the fireplace, too. We have a defunct fireplace that I’m wrestling with. I’m tired of the piece of stained glass we’re using in it right now (plus it’s not kid-friendly). I don’t think books would work for me, though, because they’d probably be ruined by rain and random soot droppings.

Perhaps you guys could put together a compilation of fireplace images. Just a thought… 🙂

kim. says:

Good idea about a fireplace post doppelganger! My sister just painted her baby’s room a BEAUTIFUL pale blue…Ice Folly by Behr. I want to repaint my bathroom with it now because the blue I used didn’t turn out quite right either.

LOVE the house…except does anyone live in it? That fireplace with the books is such a cool idea!

frances says:

the books in the fireplace. just big white pillar candles in your fireplace might work. and in domino one time they mirrored a non functioning fireplace.

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