Artichoke pendant

Posted on Tue, 22 May 2007 by KiM

The artichoke pendant is a classic design created by Poul Henningsen in 1958. It is such a stunningly beautiful light, and due to it’s popularity (and hefty price tag), has often been replicated. It looks incredible in modern settings, and makes quite a striking focal point.

LOVE an Artichoke light but the price!!! I'll pay good money for something wonderful but it's a hard decision. The Ikea knockoff is no comparison but I can't understand the prices for this amazing light.

susan says:

It warms my heart to see this lighting showcased here! Scandinavians have a long love affair with fantastically designed lighting fixtures, going on to this day, as seen in the huge Danish area at ICFF on Sunday, and as I’ve observed over the years as a proud Danish American! I took shots of their lighting sections at the Danish area at ICFF, and they are always inspirational. I’ll tell you something…I saw Danish inspired wanna-bes at ICFF, but they really cannot compare to the real thing. No way. These are special, and your images are so wonderful!

J Lee says:

Sarah Richardson used this light in one of her designs and I fell in love with it. So great to see it on your site!

danielle says:

It is gorgeous! If you, like me, can not afford the real thing, the norm 69 from Normann Copenhagen is a good alternative. See

in the pictures some are the real Artichoke lamps and some are the Norm 69 (which is a good alternative) I have one (of the Norm 69)

kim. says:

Nevermind the price, I actually like the Norm 69 better than the real one. Now you’re all making me want one. 🙂

Cecilia says:

Thanks for this post! I have had the Norm 69 for a few years and has almost grown tired of it. The pictures on your blog inspired me to move it to another room and now I love it!

nteresting detail: in Sweden we call the PH original “The Pine Cone”! I don’t now if this is the case in Denmark, but – as our nature and languages are similar – perhaps it is so…

i just love the versatility of it, it can work in any room, it’s whimsical and fun and unexpected…as most lighting isn’t! great collection of inspirations…

John janik says:

Woo Hoo ! Scandinavia _ a beautiful object of light might be worth a great deal – but beauty is always free – xoxojj

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