Gemma Comas

Posted on Mon, 4 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

I have the utmost respect for photographers. These artists can capture the essence of a room and bring it alive for us on the pages of magazines and catalogues. Gemma Comas is responsible for one of my favourite Domino photos. So I followed the trail and found Gemma’s website. Beautiful. This talented photographer stops time and makes you gasp at the beauty of the simple and the serene. These are just a few photos from her interior portfolio. Don’t miss her website for more stunning images from her portfolio.

Anna says:

You are so right. These images are beautiful. I love the bathroom in the last image and the bedroom with the mirrored bedside cabinet and orange coloured glass lamp.

kim. says:

OMG these photos are all gorgeous!!! Great find Jo! Especially loving the last bedroom pic where the flowers trail across the headboard, wall and lamp. SO PRETTY!!!

J Lee says:

Wow… that printed headboard is so precious! I agree with Kim just gorgeous imagines. So many great ideas from this site. Thanks!

These are great images all around, I think my favorite is the last one as well, love the fur around the tub and the simple natural lighting to the space.

where do I begin? I love the broad washes of white. But most interesting is the (furry?) bathtub image and the ‘vine’ headboard/wall. Beautiful scenes.

But the image that takes the cake – and is more about Gemma’s eye than the careful work a designer – is this bed beneath the stairs. Gemma captured it at this magical time of day when the steps would add a masculine pattern to an overwhelmingly feminine scene. Perfect balance of elements in the shot.

drey says:

i love how the eye roves around the “room” in the photograph taking in everytrhing and how the photographer captures the owners’ personality and interests as well as of course, the design and decor.
so nice.

man. how do I become a great photographer like these people??! 🙂 thanks for sharing the images. i think i found a new ‘role model’ photographer…

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