Posted on Thu, 12 Jul 2007 by midcenturyjo

I used to crave this.

Scott Van Dyke Photography

Now I can’t live without this! What’s happening? Is it old age? Is there a cure?

Image scanned from Practical Decorating Ideas, Ure Smith, Sydney 1973

I agree. I’m experiencing a major flip-flop of style desires. I think the solution is to just buy pieces you love without a strict decorating scheme (although some scheming is necessary for sure 🙂 and somehow they’ll all work together to deliver a space that reflects you.

At least that’s what I’m hoping!

casapinka says:

The other option is having a minimalist room to go and breathe when the urge takes over. Then back out into the chaos and color when you’ve had your fill.

eric says:

pink’s right. i LOVE the table in the second picture.

Hi Jo,

I love the Scott Van Dyke shot, I checked out his website its great he is very talented.


Eva says:

that is too funny…I am actually the opposite. I used to love kitchy antiques and now less is definitely more. I love the minimalist aesthetic and the serenity it brings. I am in the process of moving and have de-cluttered by a significant amount. The less I bring with me the better I feel. I am starting to think that my house will feel very spacious…which is fine with me.

Jaime says:

OMG I totally understand. This post made me LOL. Sometimes I wonder if I will become everything I said I’d never be: “Turn that music down!” “Slow down – this is a neighborhood!”


dai says:

Oh I’m the opposite.
I love old and lots of colletions around the house, but I get more in love with clean and sharp designs.
Maybe I should go between? Eclectic?

Peggy says:

Ha! I know exactly what you mean Jo! Such a dilemma! I love clean, stark lines and emptiness. When I see a minimalist room done well, I still swoon.

But I also love beautiful things and like most people, enjoy hunting for objects. But when I have too many, I panic and must purge.

I think when we love decor, there are stages we go through.

orangered says:

i love 70’s styles the most because they embrace minimal and fantastical elements, and intense color so well, with great panache, i think….
i love your retro pics.

That’s it orangered! The minimal and the fantastical!! I have a new argument to use now. Thanks!

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