Dining room dilemma

Posted on Mon, 23 Jul 2007 by KiM

My parents are in a bit of a pickle. They are looking to replace their dining set that’s over 20 years old. You’re probably thinking that if it’s 20 years old it must be pretty terrible. OH NO IT’S NOT. They have an entire set made of TEAK. That’s right, I said teak. And it’s FABULOUSLY RETRO. But I understand that after 20 years, looking at the same furniture can be tiresome. So their favourite daughter would GLADLY take it off their hands. (Yep – that’s me). Here’s the dilemma. My father is craving a harvest table (and I have no idea what he’s thinking for chairs). On the other hand, my mom wants something modern, and a SET. I am desperately trying to convince her NOT to get a set because that is BORING. UGH. To please them both, I suggested a harvest table (or maybe one with a modern base like steel), and modern chairs. They have cherry hardwood floors that were just installed, so I think the base should be painted black if it’s wood, black chairs (or at least with black legs), and a black buffet. And the harvest table would tie in the antique dry sink they have. Another idea is a modern dark wood table, and upholstered (in just about anything) Louis XV chairs. Then the buffet could be modern or antique. Hopefully these photos will give them some ideas. Please feel free to leave comments with more ideas to really confuse the hell out of them. 😉

I have a heavy traditional wooden pedestal table with four orange Eames shells, and the combination really works.

I don’t know how modern your parents want to go, but a nice solid-wood harvest table in a darker finish (say, walnut?) would look AWESOME with some white or cream Eames shell chairs (say, with the Eiffel base?)

Or they could go with the same tables and a knockoff of the Wegner Peacock chair?

Or how about a combination of the two: Eames shells as side chairs and Peacocks as the two chairs at the head and foot of the table?

Don’t know your parents that well but I think they’re going to go for 8 or 10 or if they want a more modern look then 1. Your Dad is going to want a comfortable chair. I love Doppelgangers ideas!

kim. says:

Thanks doppelganger, I really love your ideas, but my parents will NEVER buy plastic chairs….even if they’re eames. I showed my dad a pic of a shell chair earlier (he was over helping me lay patio stones) and he just said “Huh”. My dad loved pic #7 of this post. That may be my fav too. He seemed to like 8 too Jo. He laughed at the head chairs.

ok i pick number # 1, 6, & 9!!!

I love the last one! It’s so bright and young looking! ok, I’m going to that site, I don’t know it.


Alas… my dream of turning the whole world on to the Eames shell is not to be. (And yeah, my folks and in-laws don’t get them, either.) 🙂

Anonymous says:

your link to http://www.jonesstudio.com doesn’t work

kim. says:

Thanks anon – I shall fix it.

spotted a great table from west elm, glass top with a chrome pedestal and pair it with some wooden chairs with comfortable padded seats – perhaps set this on
an animal rug, zebra or something wild to really make it a fun spot to dine, meet or work!
the table is reasonable – 399- to $499.
oh, chandelier, something in chrome would add a nice touch.

kim. says:

thanks pve design… but west elm is completely unavailable here in Canada. (grrrrrrrrrrr) ANYHOO i love the animal rug idea…I’ll pass that along to the folks. who will probably laugh. (i need to teach them a thing or 2…)

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