Hate doing laundry?

Posted on Thu, 26 Jul 2007 by KiM

Maybe you’d enjoy it if you had a laundry room that looked like this:

No still hate doing the laundry. Cute rooms but nothing could make any sort of house work fun ….. except maybe a designer cleaning lady.

Anonymous says:

Amazing! What an inspiration. I’d love doing laundry in this room.

Monkey says:

Those are the two prettiest laundry rooms I’ve ever seen!

i’d be the cleaning lady for that!

jaime says:

nope. i’m with jo. still hate it.

jawcey says:

WHOA! I would LOVE doing laundry in a room that looked like that! It would sure beat the trip to my building’s sketchy basement that I currently make to do my laundry 🙂

jo-anne - vancouver says:

Let’s dirty some clothes!

Anonymous says:

wow! thanks, just what i’ve been looking for…. I’m redoing my laundry room and wanted something pretty and bright, this is exactly what i want!

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