If I was a room….

Posted on Wed, 1 Aug 2007 by midcenturyjo

I’d be this room by Ken Fulk. Eclectic, edgy, at times risky and definitely not to everyone’s taste. The mix of styles here is dangerous. It might not work. There are multiple levels and layers and a sense of humour as well as definite nod to the finer things in life. Enough of the psychoanalysing, I just love this room! So Kim if you were a room……?

kim. says:

This pic sums up my style too….except at the moment, given my mood, I think my room would have to be black.

Peggy says:

What a cute idea, if I were a room…I could see this as a post where people submitted the rooms they’d be.

hi Jo,
‘if I was a room’ is a fantastic title/idea. You could even run a contest!

Levels attract me always. But such overlay used to put me back, except these rooms. To me,these looks balanced and every inch enticing.

PH Baird says:

looks like we all agree that this was a fantastic idea for a post. you must be an interesting personality! never a dull moment?

katiedid says:

Yes, that would be a great contest. And a room says so much about a person. I’m getting a feeling for what you are all about here! Love this room….AND Ken Fulk!

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