I love Saturdays!

Posted on Sat, 11 Aug 2007 by midcenturyjo

What a great day thrifting! Found this fabulous 70’s lamp. It needs rewiring and the shade is definitely in need of total body cosmetic surgery but it will be perfect for my living room make over. That’s the fabulous fabric I mentioned in last week’s WINKS. It’s by metremade and just arrived. I had plans to use it on another two lampshades but it must be fate that I found this lamp. Perhaps I’ll just use it as a trim on a crisp white shade. I definitely love Saturdays!


kim. says:

Mark, what a genius idea. Jo, do what he said!!!!

It’s a great idea Mark! The problem is that the fabricis only 65cm wide (size of the silk screen I’m guessing) and the shade is 80cm tall. So it’s order more fabric and have a join line vertically or come up with more solutions.

Have to check if a much shortened lamp shade will look too stumpy. This momma is a huge baby! I want the stripes inside now. Godammit Mark. I’d convinced myself it wouldn’t work and now I’m checking out ways it might.

lol Sorry! but anything thats worthwhile shouldn’t be easy!

Hey Jo,

I’m loving the lamp, very cool. Be sure to show us the end results. I would use the fabric as accent cushions in the same room and just put a crisp white shade on the lamp.

Hey Jo,

After checking out MarkC website listen to him not me….LOL!


a perfect match! lucky you…

I have a roll of 70’s schumacher wallpaper in a bamboo grid… just collected dust. anybody interested email me jakubowski2005@gmail.com

Anna says:

Fabulous Lamp and I can’t believe that fabric works so well with it!

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