Roger Davies

Posted on Tue, 16 Oct 2007 by KiM

Stunning art, lucite chairs, colourful suzanis, gorgeous furniture…did I mention stunning art? These are some of my favourite elements from the exquisite portfolio of super-talented photographer Roger Davies. My two favourite photos are above.

Love his work! The lighting, the depth of field, how he has composed the shot. love it all and of course the rooms!!! OMG.

Anonymous says:

Any idea where to find an accordian lamp like that?

Jessie says:

I spy lots of chair porn. The lips scare me. They look so real. lol I love the lucite chairs.

I’m looking at the 4th row of pictures from the bottom… those antique-looking chairs with blue, yellow and red seating. So adorable!

Suzy says:

Very eclectic interiors, they’re all amazing. What a great photographer.


bardgirl says:

Does anyone have an idea where I can find out who the photographer/artist is of the piece on the 2nd row, left. Next to the lips – I love that work (woman lying down). Does anyone know?

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