The decade that taste forgot

Posted on Fri, 26 Oct 2007 by midcenturyjo

Ah the 80s! Era of large hair, even larger shoulder pads, leg warmers with high heels and excess excess excess. There were some things that were good. New Romantic boy bands with smoky eyeliner and rat’s tails in their hair for one thing. OK OK I was a med student in the 80s not an interior designer so my taste may have been a little dubious. It was a mixed bag of an era just like these kitchens from the early 80s but good design would shine through occasionally. Images scanned from Beyond the Kitchen, A Dreamers Guide, Thomas Cowan, Blandford Press, Dorset, 1985.

While some of these kitchens are revolting some are not. This is part of my subversive campaign to bring back the 80s. Long live the decade that taste forgot!

Nathalie says:

Cool photos !

bubbs says:

I love the 80-ties! 🙂 How did you go from med. school to interior design? I’m a medical student my self and I love design (when I have the time to redecorate…)

kim. says:

Some of these are absolutely dreadful, but the last photo made it all better. What a cool staircase!!!

Great post Jo,

I think 80’s fashion was vile more so than home decor

You’re right…where did the taste go? But, it’s back so we can be thankful.


kim. says:

The eighties were SO GROSS that I too am definitively thankful we smartened up and got some taste back.

ANI says:

oddly enough, the dining nook in the second pic down in the right column after the jump reminds me of a restaurant in Cambridge, MA – they have multiple booths exactly like that, wooden siding and seat in one piece, elevated, with recessed lighting – and the restaurant is only 5 or so years old – all currents come back if you wait enough:)

susan says:

Oh man, the 80s were an unfortunate decade for the kitchen. It also consisted of lots of gray, gloss formica cabinets and that light pinkish oak and maple cabinets that were seen everywhere. Thanks for the bad memories! That white kitchen with all the ripples is from Almillmo, I’m sure! I do like those red pendant lamps though.

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