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Posted on Thu, 8 Nov 2007 by KiM

My younger sister Jen just bought a house with her boyfriend Dave which includes a bathroom that needs renovating because of some serious leak issues. So I told Jen I would post some photos to inspire her for her upcoming renovation. This was tough because so many bathrooms out there consist of really gorgeous and therefore really expensive tiles or marble, or they’re simply really large spaces. Jen and Dave do not have alot of money to spend and although I haven’t seen the bathroom, I know it will be a small space. Jen and Dave, do not take these photos literally. For example, I do not think you should tile an entire bathroom in black tile, but using all different shapes of a tile in the same colour is a great idea. (I’ve also realized that white tile looks incredible with dark grey grout.) Hope this helps.

Lagerlings Lagerlings
Domino Living Etc.
Domino Domino
Kenneth Brown House Beautiful
House Beautiful Domino
Living Etc. Living Etc.
II By IV Stargo

Nathalie says:

this post couldn’t come at a better time, although am renting so am very limited in the changes i can make to the apartment i can spice up my bathroom with a few accessorie so i can certainly take inspiration from these images …am thinking .. the orange and pink bathroom from domino. I love that shower curtain !

zee says:

Oooh, love that orange and pink bathroom too! I am *so* doing that in my tiny white bathroom!

Loving that Stargo one in the lower right. Black and white baths are definitely NOT the norm here in Marrakech

kim. says:

The orange and pink is one of my favs too, because it looks like everyone’s bathroom, and it shows what a difference some fun colourful accessories can make.

maren says:

Thanks for the inspiration! We are going to try and sell our home soon, but first we need to redo the bathroom. Great ideas and taste!

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