If I was an outdoor room ….

Posted on Fri, 9 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

…. I’d be this cast concrete soaking tub designed by Oliver Burns. Alfresco bathing on late spring afternoon, pure bliss! I think I need some champagne too.

Pia Jane says:

yes please! love this. want it. now.

my current home doesnt have a bath and I love baths…I can look at this image and dream…thanks!

I hate to be the party pooper but surely the pond smell & the occasional frog leaping in to your serene bath time will detract. Don’t get me wrong love the concept of a bath contained in water but perhaps treated clear water that is in motion to feel like you are in a stream 🙂 PS: LOVE YOUR BLOG TRULY MY INSPIRATION.

k_b says:

I LOVE being surrounded by plants. so tropical. so exotic.

Anonymous says:

i’m sorry…but this just screams “go ahead and bite my naked bathing body you west nile infected mosquitos!”

maybe it’s just me…

jo-anne in vancouver says:

*laugh* I adore everyone’s comments.

It’s a truly lovely idea – and me with no tub at home! I also really like the fact that you have to step down into it.

With the way I get bath bubbles everywhere though, the frogs would be blowing bubbles for sure!

kim. says:

I am laughing at the comments too. I see your points. This could make for an interesting bathing experience.

I agree with anonymous. It’s a shame to spoil the fantasy, but you would indeed the Mother Of All Bug Zappers hanging over your head to kill the mosquitos.

k_b says:

lol @ comments

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