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Posted on Thu, 15 Nov 2007 by KiM

The other day I spent a bit of time perusing the site Normal Room looking for photos for a post. It’s a great site for ideas on how to decorate “normal” spaces on “normal” budgets. After some time digging around (why so many photos with Christmas trees???), I found a selection of photos that I think are far from normal (my favourites are above).

Lora says:

the rooms are lovely. thank you for posting them. do you have a list of the normal room users? i’d love to see the rest of the house(s)! 🙂

Love Normal Room and love these rooms.

kim. says:

Lora, I just went to the Search tab and did a “search by room”. That seemed to be the easiest way to look at the photos.

bkhdesign says:

the black pussy cat is simply having a lovely time sleeping in splendor.

h&b says:

I think a lot of people don’t take pics of their homes unless it’s “an occasion” ( ie: Christmas ).

If you’re looking for inspiration, may I also suggest flickrs’ “Corners of My Home” group – normal people posting normal ( but lovely ) rooms.
I love it !

kim. says:

h&b, that’s one of my favourite Flickr groups! (And I’ve put some photos of my own home in there) That’s a great idea for a future post.

Lovely. Could you link to some of these via Normal Room?

betta says:

I spy my own (ex) dining table among these!
Thank you. It’s such an honour to see my place appear on this fantastic website.

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