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Posted on Tue, 4 Dec 2007 by KiM

As you may have heard me mention on previous posts or on Flickr, I am moving in a couple weeks and as a result my head is swimming with ideas on what to do with my new house. One of my dilemmas is what to paint each room. I’m hoping to afford to do a kitchen renovation which would include, if feasible, knocking out a wall and opening the kitchen to the living room. This will have an affect on much of what happens on the main floor, but I figure I better start going over all sorts of ideas in my head now so I can see what sticks with me. The photo below, and the others of Betsey Johnson’s apartment, are my main inspiration. I ADORE pink and I love that she used it all over her apartment. Her zebra print curtains had me spending several tries on eBay looking for similar fabric to have curtains made.

I’m thinking a really dark brown for my bedroom, a teal/aqua for the second bedroom (which is so small it will be my dressing room), and definitively pink somewhere. The rest I have no idea. As a result, this post is self-serving. These are photos of rooms with wall colours that I really like. (I have a couple others that I’ve seen in magazines lately that have stuck with me, but I packed my scanner cable so I can’t scan them to include here.)

Domino Domino
Living Etc. Living Etc.
Kelly Wearstler Tom Scheerer
Cindy Ray John Barman
Roland Bello Marie Claire Maison
Marie Claire Maison Marie Claire Maison

Anonymous says:

I love this blog 🙂 I´d like to see christmas style rooms.

pink sky says:

thank you for the inspiration of color! i needed this…it is sometimes to hard for me to be brave about putting such bold colors on the walls – feels so permenant…gorgeous!

Cher Ami says:

the blue wall in the Domino picture is great, I’ve always wanted to do a wall like it!

Peggy says:

Oh gosh. I really am ill. My place was painted all pink. I painted it white. And now looking at Marie Claire Maison’s photos – I want to go pink again! Such a delicious shade of pink.

Can’t wait to see your new place, Kim!

You’ve made it hard to choose my favourite. They’re all stunning.

Leah says:

Hi Kim,

We just finished painting our bedroom a deep, dark brown. You can see the results here:

Have fun with your new place!

All the best,


Jessie says:

woo hoo!!!! The first photo should tell you what you need to do!! 😉 JUST DIVE RIGHT IN!!! Paint the living room a pink and make that zebra fabric from ebay your curtains. hehehe or atleast pillows!!!!! Oh I wish I could come help you paint. I want to paint something a shade of fuschia!!!good luck, can’t wait to see what you come up with. Also, I love all the other ideas and colors too.

anon aka green floors says:

I love the teal. I fell in love with,laugh please, the bathroom doors in the new part of the British Museum, which are deep teal stain, and have been trying to find a way to work it in ever since. To me its a more formal color. And the fuschia/hot pink rooms are fabulous in photo. I love dark chocolate as a wall color somewhere, but if you’re the writer in the North, I think it could be pretty depressing in the morning. Do you have before photos of your new house? Did I miss them?

kim. says:

I cannot WAIT to move in and start decorating, and to get ideas from you all and share my progress on the blog.

Leah – LOVE the brown you chose! So glad you mentionned the name of it so I can check it out when I’m paint shopping. Jessie – there will FOR SURE be pink somewhere, not that this is a chick-only household. Green floors – I have not posted photos of my new place yet because I was waiting for all the legal stuff to get finalized first. I get to visit the house once more before move date, and I’m trying for this weekend, so I’ll take photos then and post them soon (would use the ones from the listing but they aren’t very good). And my current bedroom is dark brown and I LOVE IT. Very warm and cocooning (is that a word?).

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