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Posted on Sat, 22 Dec 2007 by midcenturyjo

What a week! Work is so busy at this time of the year and Christmas cleaning is just as overwhelming as Christmas shopping. Today I took a little break from putting together the holiday reading guide to work in my little garden. Some of you may know that we’re suffering through a very serious drought in Australia. My home town is under level 6 water restrictions which means no hoses and only bucket watering of gardens 3 days a week for a few hours only. When we moved in the garden was dead.

Now there are signs of life and my biceps are a little bigger with all the bucket carrying. Of course there have to be some thrifted finds in this post. I did manage to find a couple of cute little pots which I planted up today and the sweetest tiny brass watering can. A lot of my garden is potted to conserve water and my garden beds are heavily mulched. Time to go back to sweeping the patio if I can.

kim. says:

OMG – amazing plants AND Mickey! I’m totally jealous! Seriously, your garden is beautiful. I love that somewhere else in the world, people are actually enjoying the weather. And Mickey seems to be a big help. 😉

Maya says:

Beautiful garden you have there. It is unbelievable… you guys Down Under are suffering from drought and we up here in Finland are suffering from lack of snow 😉

I didn’t take photos of the dirt patches in the lawn! The garden beds are finally growing but it takes a lot of effort. If we owned this place I’d put in a rain water tank.

kim. says:

Drought, lack of snow…today we had a mild spell and I had to shovel 5 ft of snow off the roofs of my porches before it freezes and everything comes crashing down. All sorts of weather-related fun!

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