Jo-anne’s vintage couch

Posted on Sun, 20 Jan 2008 by KiM

A little while ago I posted photos of vintage couches I found on Flickr. Jo-anne in Vancouver commented that she has a vintage houndstooth couch and was curious as to it’s age and origin. I adore houndstooth so I was so pleased that she sent photos and this info about it: She weighs 5 tons, or at least my movers thought she did after bringing her up the 3 flights of very steep stairs into my attic apartment. I’m darn curious what the cushions are stuffed with but kind of scared to find out. She’s also getting lumpy and her bottom is saggy but she’s a darling :o) Found her for $50 at an antique shop near my old place. The owner wanted her out of the way for antiquey things and I was in the market for something after throwing my recently ex-partner’s p.o.s. couch onto a heap at the dump! She’s little but so is my apartment – a perfect fit! My guess is the 50s…any light you can shed would be lovely. If anyone knows anything about her fabulous couch please leave a comment.

jo-annein vancouver says:

You gals are so sweet to post my little couch! Unfortunately the photo was taken at night. My wee attic apartment is much brighter than the photo looks – especially on that rare sunny winter Vancouver day like today!

Next time I’ll be sure to have a cat sitting on it :o)

kim. says:

jo-anne, how dare you send these pics with out your cat in them!!! LOL

Yes please to kitty on couch photo!

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