The art of Stephen Daggitt

Posted on Fri, 1 Feb 2008 by KiM

My boyfriend is into martial arts, enough that he asked his co-worker Stephen Daggitt to create some martial arts-inspired artwork for his apartment. The first photo below is one of four he has so far made for Jeff (created in just half an hour). Now it’s not something I would hang in my place (no offense Jeff, or Stephen) but then again, Jeff wouldn’t want ceramic deer and poodles in his apartment so I guess we’re even. Anyway, Stephen has mad Photoshop skills, and dabbles in all sorts of genres which shows how talented he is. See his blog for more.

Diana says:

Wow – I love the alley and rafters paintings. The light is insane on them! Thanks for the post!

kim. says:

🙂 The alley is my favourite too.


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