Jo’s place and a high wind that brings no good

Posted on Sat, 2 Feb 2008 by midcenturyjo

After but before the disaster

After spending the morning gluing, filling chips and sanding my thrift store credenza I was ready to paint. I bought this veneered teak credenza (below) a couple of months ago for $39 and was finally ready to work on it. Unfortunately the top and some edges were too badly damaged to just rub in a coat or two of Danish oil to bring it back to life. My next plan was to paint it gloss back and restore the beautiful teak doors. Doors done and one coat painted. Another 12 hours before the next coat. That was until this afternoon’s very heavy downpour. “Fine,” I thought as I walked away as a storm brewed. “It’s under cover.” I took this photo to show Kim and was really pleased with myself. 30 minutes later a high wind blew rain all over my hard work. I guess there’s always tomorrow to sand and redo the first coat. Then only 2 more after that…..argh! So no photos this week of it in my dining room. There’s always next week.

Before it all began

kim. says:

Oh you have GOT to be kidding me! The good news is you guys finally got some rain. What a bummer. Well, it did look great! And thanks for making me realize that I need to oil my tired-looking credenza.


well, I think it’s on it’s way to looking great!

Sam says:

I’m with Lindsay! That’s a great find. I’ve been on the hunt for a similar credenza for weeks now on Craigslist… Of course when I actually found one (in good condition, for 50$), it was gone by the time I’d actually contacted the seller…
Anyways, can’t wait to see your dining room, Jo! I love it when you girls do posts on your own homes!

Peggy says:

Oh no, Mr. Bill! Just goes to show nothing can stop Midcentury Jo. Can’t wait to see it in your dining room. I’m on the lookout for a credenza too, and now I know how to paint it. Thanks for that!

Jackie says:

Oh so sad! Hope the damage isn’t too bad. You know veneer and water. OUCH!!!

damnn wind, that has happened so many times you would think I woud learn. Sometimes I will be doing the finishing touches on a large painting, prop it up against the wall, turn away to get something and bang, the wind has blown it on the dusty concrete floor!! Luckily it’s art so with a bit of imagination the sand becomes “texure” Not sure you will get away with it on your credenza!! happy sanding 🙂

Awww that’s annoying. But it’s a really nice piece and I’m sure you will have it looking fabulous in no time!!!

Thanks everyone! The update is that it’s still sticky almost 2 days later. The top is mottled, a corner has “blown out” a little and it’s STILL raining! Love the rain though. There has even been flash flooding and we’re in a drought. Not much has fallen over the dams though. One good thing is that I got busy fertilising the garden. Perfect weather for that at least!

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