Sexy circles and kids’ chairs

Posted on Sat, 23 Feb 2008 by midcenturyjo

I’ve been thrifting again. So what’s new. I sound like a broken record. This week though I got my grubby little hands on 2 rattan chairs that are hot hot hot or will be with new cushions and upholstery. $30 for the pair! Thank God Colin the thrift store manager hates cane and loves me. Look at those sexy circles.

I’ve been testing some fabrics I already have. The one on the left is Augustine by Ralph Lauren. The other is Peekaboo by Twenty2. Both picked up on eBay for a fraction of their retail price. Which one do you think? Kim’s leaning towards the Ralph Lauren. I’m intrigued by the Peekaboo lattice on the crisscross rattan. I won’t be painting these, just revarnishing.

Here’s something I finished this week. The cane children’s chairs I posted last week are now cherry red with little kapok filled pillows in Daisy Daisy a Lee Joffa fabric from David Hicks by Ashley Hicks (eBay again). Groovy retro thrones for a three year old princess.

kim. says:

OH MY GAWD those kid’s chairs look incredible!!! I never thought red would look that good. I am also so sad those aren’t adult chairs. 🙁 But your other 2 are so freaking fantastic too that I know you’ll rock those out. I am so mad that you got such a good deal, after what I spent on my 3 new chairs…

Sam says:

groooovy indeed! Looove the colour!
I’m leaning more towards the Ralph Lauren one, too. But the other one would look great as well. Work your magic, Jo! I used to dislike rattan… not anymore!


great job jo

Ornit says:

mmm… delicious looking chairs. Nothin like cherry red to spruce something up!
Jo, you’re truly inspiring with your little projects. I’m starting my own chair project today.

pompom says:

Way to go Jo! What little girl wouldn’t love some retro red chairs? I want them too.

Anonymous says:

hello there, great looking chairs….may i ask how these were painted? Were they sprayed or painted with a brush and what type of paint was used? thanks

Thanks everyone! My little friend loves them (and her mum too). Thry are just spray painted with a regular everyday can of spray paint. I think it was even the cheapest one there. The secret is to spray a primer coat of say white first to seal the cane.

dean says:

i like the Ralph Lauren fabric if you leave the cane it’s natural color, but i like the Peekaboo fabric if you decided to paint the chairs white.

nice find!

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