The great escape on the Great Ocean Road

Posted on Thu, 6 Mar 2008 by midcenturyjo

What a day at work! I’m exhausted. I think I need a long weekend in a secluded yet stunning spot. Moonlight Head Lodge on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia is a private lodge with 4 suites, designed by Glenn Murcutt and Wendy Lewin. In such a beautiful place the noise and hassles of the city become a distant memory. Ah a weekend to relax, to unwind, reflect, and enjoy the company of good friends. Apparently the expert chefs on hand will prepare whatever we desire all washed down with a hand picked selection of local and international wines. I’m in and there’s room for a few more. I know it’s short notice but who else can make it?

Images from Kiwi Collection

LorieK says:

Stop, stop now. If you keep featuring beautiful Australian destinations I will not just have to book a holiday, I may have to immigrate.

kim. says:

Count me in to immigrate too not just a holiday – after the insane snowstorm we got yesterday, I’m about ready to pack up the cats and get the hell out of Dodge!


Peggy says:

We also had an insane snow storm. Count me in. But, I would probably never leave.

Jennifer says:

Absolutely stunning!

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