Flickr finds – backsplashes

Posted on Sun, 16 Mar 2008 by KiM

i’m obsessed with backsplashes as well! these are all so great! i love the subway tile.. the classic and then the twists with length and color… so fuN!

Diana says:

Loving all of these – like the colors in chotda, the metallic in hourplay, and the print in kpwerker. Great!

Interesting post, especially if you are on the market to update your backsplash. You can immediately determine which style attracts you the most.

Ashley L. says:

what fun endless possibilities there could be for kitchen tiles! my favorites are the ones that look like white bricks! but the ones you have featured here are quite lovely as well! 🙂

Sam says:

Loooove the devonindustry super colourful backsplash. In an all-white kitchen, this would be a great way to liven things up.

Kim you spend your life on flickr don’t you? 🙂 Great finds and well down to all the people who came up with these fabulous backsplashes.

Anonymous says:

if you are interested, here it’s my kitchen’s backsplash on flickr… not so fancy but I like very much the color -plch

kim. says:

Love the blue of your backsplash plch!

Anonymous says:

Thank you! I hope to post soon more pics of the improvement of our flat- plch

Lovein these ‘splashes! I wish you would show more.

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