Easter reading guide part 2

Posted on Sat, 22 Mar 2008 by midcenturyjo

Still with us? Haven’t overdosed yet? Put that chocolate easter egg down and pull yourself up to the computer desk. It’s time for part 2 of of the blogorama party. Without any further ado let’s feast!

Wait till you get to parts 3 and 4!!!!!!!

Thank you girls so much for including my blog! I’ve been reading yours for quite some time now and it made my day to see my banner here! You’re the best!!

I’m really excited to read the rest of these blogs as well…I could always use some more inspiration in my day!

Kristin says:

Thank you so much for including me in your Easter Reading Guide. It certainly made my day! It'll keep a smile on my face for the next few weeks I'm sure! 🙂

woo hooo thanks so much for the link !!! Such an honor to be mentions by one of my fav’s !!!


eendar says:

Oh! Thanks so much for adding me to the links!!! (=^_^=)
Have a lovely day!!!!!

Wow! I really appreciate you adding my blog design^sprout to your page! You've given me ton of traffic! Keep up the good "green" work!

I've found my blog here too – thanks a lot!

Kate says:

totally flattered:)

Tammy says:

Thanks for sharing the links to all the sites. I enjoy reading your site and discovering new ones as well. I hope you will check mine out. I am new to the "blog" world, but am trying to find my niche!

Oh, well a this might be little late, but thank you so much for putting my blog on your list! (Extra kind, though its in swedish, but hey, I guess its more of a “what you see is what you get” kind of thing) 😉

Thank you! / Frida (Model:form)

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