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Posted on Sun, 6 Apr 2008 by KiM

I am seriously lacking in outdoor furniture and since I have a pretty big yard, a front porch and a deck in the backyard, I knew with spring here that I would soon have to start looking. I regularly search Craigslist and Kijiji for furniture, and the other day I came across some amazing rattan patio furniture – 2 chairs and a loveseat. I picked them up yesterday in Aylmer, Quebec, and I am soooo in love with their rounded shapes. They need some paint, and they are pretty old and showing their age, but I can’t wait to have at ’em. I’m seeing some fun bright colours, in paint and some cushions. Sorry for the kind of crappy photo, but we still have so much snow that I had no where else to put them outside.

When we arrived at the seller’s home I was totally smitten. The house was absolutely gorgeous. There was a for sale sign out front so I checked the agent’s website and found some photos. It’s a heritage home, in downtown Aylmer, 3000 sq. ft. with 4 bedrooms. This home is dreamy – such incredible architectural details, but it seems just about every room is wallpapered which could be a nightmare to deal with. Regardless, it would be such a blast to decorate.

AMR says:

I would never have guessed such beauty lurked behind that front. The orange & black tiles in the bathroom – mmm.
The/your chairs & loveseat are an outstanding find. Nice!

Holy crap that house is amazing! I can’t believe it’s so cheap! Like Jo said, that house would be worth millions in Australia.

Anna 🙂

mandco says:

What a gorgeous house!! I especially love the back terasse area, and those gorgeous windows 🙂 Ohhh I want to move in!

amara says:

Mainly to repeat what others have said – that house is absolutely amazing!! I wana live there! Currently house hunting in London and it’s sooo expensive, I would never be able to afford something that nice here!

bookshop says:

I AM SO OVERWHELMED WITH LOVE. god, can you imagine how much love has gone into this house over the years? Just. Amazing. And beautiful.

kim. says:

Housing is really affordable in Quebec. If you can deal with the french laws and absolutely no english on any signs, then it’s not so bad. If this house were in Ottawa (and it’s current location is about 10-15 mins away) it would be maybe $800K.

So I’m thinking of painting the patio set something BOLD, like bright green, pink or yellow. 🙂

My vote is for the yellow: lemon yellow! what a fab find for you. What would we do if there were no craigslist?!

kim. says:

I’m leaning towards yellow too. 🙂 Since I spray painted my bamboo chair yellow, I’m hooked. Yellow is a b*tch though. Coverage sucks.

Amanda says:

I’m delurking to comment on this because this house is in my neck of the woods – I’ve walked by it soooo many times and drooled. Thanks for posting the link to the interior pics – I’ve always wondered what it looked like inside!

kim. says:

Amanda – how lucky you are to live near this house! I was awed at it’s location. I don’t know that I would live on that side of the river, but downtown Aylmer sure is pretty! And the housing prices makes it somewhat tempting.

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