Caleb Woodard Furniture

Posted on Fri, 25 Apr 2008 by midcenturyjo

I love beautiful handcrafted timber pieces. The life of the tree is displayed lovingly before your eyes and the silky touch of such a piece is a joy. Caleb Woodard is an artisan woodworker whose organic creations are celebrations of a dying craft and a dwindling resource. Mass produced is a necessity but handcrafted is an artwork to be cherished. Caleb’s fiance and partner in developing this enterprise, Melanie told me that Caleb specializes in an organic woodworking aesthetic with live edges and midcentury touches – he’s inspired by artists from George Nakashima to Vladimir Kagan. Take the time to visit his website and explore his philosophy. Inspiring.

Siliani says:

Hello, I am daily visitor of that blog is magnificent.
I already included in my links.Bjs

Claire says:

Oh I LOVE that chair!

Vladimir says:

These pieces of timber are fabulous.

Absolutely stunning!

Patricia Wischnewski says:

I am blown away by your talent and dedication in keeping the craft of handmade furniture alive. It’s sad to see beautiful handmade pieces replaced by staples, glue and particleboard. You have a gift; the pieces on your www are beautiful!

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