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Posted on Tue, 29 Apr 2008 by KiM

Tate has decided to become a cherished member of the desire to inspire sponsor family, so I’d like to introduce you to his blog, Strange Closets, and welcome him with a great big kiss…but he’ll just have to settle for this post.

I love Tate’s “About Me” section on his blog so I think it’s a perfect introduction: “I’m a native Chicago thirtysomething guy (more Timothy Busfield than Ken Olin, unfortunately). In my dreams, I’m a world-renown taste-maker, sought after for public appearances and too busy with my successful blog to take on any new clients. In real life, I discovered my passion for design while rehabbing a 2 flat in Chicago. For some reason, whether adding a staircase or expanding the kitchen, the result always seems to be Strange Closets.”

Here’s a bit about Tate’s blog in his own words: “It’s Chicago-based but I’m looking for photos of readers ideas, room makeovers, favorite stores, etc. from around the world. I’d like to maintain a Chicago focus for the readers here but to open it up a bit and let other readers introduce Chicagoans to the great design they or their community have to offer.”

I just spent way too long on his blog, and LOVE to see the progress on his home. So do go check it out. And because we are all about photos on this blog, I thought I’d share a few from Tate’s blog of some of his home renovations, which blew me away.

Hey Tate come and help me with my place. I love your renovations. That office space looks like the perfect spot to “slave” over a computer! Think you’re headed to be a big splash on the blog scene 🙂

Anonymous says:

I’d like to see more of his renovations. Where on his blog can they be found (didn’t see them there).


T8 says:

I’m going to post a before and after set later today. It’ll be posted on the Open House category.

Thanks for reading. I’m really interested in seeing your own before and after photos, your design inspiration and your ideas.

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