Weekend SCORE!!!!!!!

Posted on Sat, 10 May 2008 by KiM

So forget about my post the other day about the Eames shell side chair that I found that I was going to make my office chair. That will now be an office visitors chair. Because I scored this a couple hours ago, for $160:

What’s kind of funny is the guy I bought the yellow chair from was supposed to email me a photo of a kelly green shell chair he had that I told him I was interested in (he never did). I’m glad he didn’t because this one is WAY better!!! (And ignore the background of the photo – my office needs ALOT of work).

With that gorgeous chair, you can ignore the rest of the room…

Have a great weekend!

kim. says:

I am doing all sorts of ignoring in there – you have a great weekend too barb!

Xing says:

Great find! All you need to do is sit in the green one, look at the computer screen or the lemon yellow one =)

Officially jealous.

Tururu says:

good lucker!!!! I want the orange´s one…

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