How a WINKS became a reading guide

Posted on Sat, 19 Jul 2008 by midcenturyjo

I swear I was writing a WINKS today. I had sorted through the emails. I had decided what images to use. I had even decided who was going to be the first WINK. That was the problem. The first WINK was going to be a wonderful new blog. The second WINK was yet another great new blog. Then I realised I’d been to a lot of new (to me) blogs recently. Light bulb moment! Time for the next installment in our growing tradition of reading guides. And it’s not even a long weekend… well maybe it is somewhere in the world. Make yourself a coffee, pour yourself a wine. Settle in and explore. I promise WINKS next weekend 😉

Can’t wait to get started…!

Ashley says:

Thanks for the link, I’m honored!

Rachel says:

I have officially spent my entire Saturday looking at these great blogs. 🙂

sterin says:

We at Design Crisis *totally* heart Desire to Inspire so we’re really excited that you featured us on your awesome reading list!


Anonymous says:

Thank you so much for the link I’m very touched.Love your blog thanks for all this beautiful pictures. Lily from Les carnets du design

Thanks so much for the mention!

Thank you so much for the link – you have no idea how much this means to me… You are truly one of my fav blogs!

– jessica from daucus carota

megan says:

Thanks for the mention!
I am honored!

Thank you so much for the mention!

I just had a post on my blog telling everyone that it’s amazing being on the web for 6 months and already I have had over 30.000 visits. I offered homemade cupcakes to them and I would like to give you one as well!!

Thanks for this!!!

BR Karin

Thank you so much for the mention,really appreciate it…..!!

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